It’s been a while since I have posted a story for the Artsy Party feature. As an individual blogger with tons of responsibilities to face, some aren’t related to THESOUTHSIDER, it’s really difficult to take time and maintain other aspects of the blog. But, I didn’t put this art section on a hiatus mode with no purpose. Even though I had to wait for few months to let this feature posted, right now, I’m very proud to say that it’s actually here. Why am I talking like this? For one reason, I just can’t believe that a very talented and recognized artist like Jaume Vilardell did some illustrations exclusively for my site.

About the Artist
Jaume Vilardell, an industrial and graphic designer living in Palma de Mallorca, is the creative director of Spanish design studio a-divina. His illustrations have been published by Lürzer’s Archive on '200 Best Illustrators Worldwide' and awarded by Iconique-Societás in Fashion Illustration category. He also has collaborated with Lifetime Networks Art in Los Angeles, California, to create a production campaign for the film The Wronged Man. With that and more international recognitions, Jaume Vilardell is truly a successful artist.

About the Project
For the works he did for my blog, his proposal feature looks from Spanish designer brands such as David Delfin, Francis Montesinos and Bohento. As a Spanish illustrator, he wanted to present 3 main Spanish fashion influences for men that are taken from the aesthetic of the aforementioned designer brands. The illustration presents 4 paintings featuring David Delfin’s black and white deconstructed tuxedos, Francis Montesinos’ casual Mediterranean pairings, and Bohento’s minimal streetwear looks. The illustrations he did for THESOUTHSIDER are hand drawn and painted with water colors but his being versatile is seen through his use of graphic pencil and ballpoint pen on some of his artworks.

Check out the illustrations after the click.


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