Inspired by authentic articles, documents, memorabilia and ephemera from Britain’s historic past, new menswear label Realm & Empire launches their new collection for Spring/Summer 2012. “The concept behind the Realm & Empire brand is to deliver a unique men’s clothing range that has a real story and a strong sense of history and integrity behind it. Realm & Empire takes a nostalgic look at this rich heritage and then updates it through contemporary design. The result is undeniably modern, but also echoes the qualities of purpose, practicality, steadfastness and often eccentricity that have defined our country’s historic past. Each Realm & Empire garment, every design and graphic, will be created with this underlying proposition in mind. Our commitment is to conceive each new season’s collection with the respect that the historical references, and both the national and personal triumphs involved, truly deserve.”

Check out the looks after the click.


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