Here i am motivated again to put up a style inspiration that features not only stars but also looks coming in from "it" runway shows. Scanning through the archives of Fall 2009 of Men.Style (Spring 2010 rules the site today anyway), I never had this "closed-door" eye sighting for Rag & Bone, so I decided to choose one look from their modern Japanese street wear style.

Browsing for perfect counterparts, I immediately rushed in to Oak site and looked for some stocks from Harmon and was delighted to see a pair of a black fisherman pants on the site, so I thought it would be great for substitution for Rag & Bone's Ninja trousers. As seen in "New Items" selection of Oak, there goes the perfect black layered overcoat that has dual function. Just unzip to the middle and it would look like a vest paired in coat. To pair up with layered coat, I thought that a Kitsuné classic shirt found at Studiohomme would be great for the look. Lastly, boots perfectly fit in to the look since the fisherman pants weren't lengthy enough so this Red Wings black chrome leather boot found at Blackbird Ballard would be the real deal.

(Clockwise: Oak Black Layered Overcoat at Oak NYC, $422.00; Harmon Black Fisherman Pants at Oak NYC, $388.00; Red Wing Classic Moc Black Chrome Leather Boots at Blackbird Ballard, $265.00; Kitsuné White Classic Shirt at Studiohomme, €180.00)


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