Aside from being the Creative Director at Dior, John Galliano has something to brag about and it's not related to being criticized resulting good publicity but he's got his own range of sunglasses! Produced by Marcolin, Galliano's newest offerings caters to both gender, with different design of course.

"Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory as well as the ultimate alibi. They are the status symbol that conceals the private gaze, and exposes only the glossy image you want to project. I wanted to create new glamour, and new shades, for my muses to play their part in... I wanted to blend old school glamour with high-tech romance so we looked at innovations in plastics and pushed new lens techniques to tell our story. I wanted a Galliano decadence and depth of character in the personality of each of these glasses." Galliano stated.

As for his inspiration on the designs of the sunglasses, he the took inspiration from the Spanish heritage and the Flamenco for women's "Les Biches" and his favorite rebels & heroes for men's "Beau Regard" which reminds me of Ray-Ban's Clubmaster. The sunglasses will hit John Galliano boutique in Paris and selected shops worldwide starting this month.

Source: Dazed Digital


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