Second Mini NookaNooka Artist Series

May 12, 2010 |

Nooka releases the 2nd Mini NookaNooka Artist series featuring legendary artists and toy designers Matthew Waldman of Nooka, Mad Barbarian, Veggie Something, and Canadian retail boutique Room 322.

The NookaNooka’s physiology is transient, eternal in his world and ephemeral in ours – beyond imagination – like something you are told is not real, like something you can’t taste, but can feel. Mad Barbarians, Veggiesomething, Room322 and Matthew Waldman displayed their artistic talent by designing their own unique and custom mini NookaNooka collabs.

Mad barbarians is an i l lust rat ion / design uni t compr ised of Katsuya Saito and Masumi Ito. With “MAD, POP, ROCK, CUTE, and STUPID” as their main concept, they produce a wide range of designs and products with their original characters.

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Veggiesomething’s artwork has been seen throughout the world via numerous art shows and exhibits. Thus far, Veggiesomething has created five character lines (FIZZIEFUZZIE, House of Liu, United by Destruction!, Sugar Bandits, and Debonair Rascal) and one concept label (Killerslayer). These creative endeavors often highlight his love for modular designs that are bold, clean, clear, and concise.

Located on 124th street in downtown Edmonton, Room 322 is a retail boutique that focuses on authentic streetwear fashion. They offer a wide selection of high quality apparel, footwear, and accessories that are inspired by youth subcultures, art, and lifestyles. They were the 2009 NookaNooka art competition winners, where Nooka retailers from across the US and Canada submitted their NookaNooka designs for a public vote.

The NookaNooka is an urban vinyl collector's toy, but more importantly acts as a representative for the Nooka brand. Not only is it made of similar materials as other Nooka products, it also represents their innovative approach to desigh, pushing the limits of creativity and changing the way people think about objects.

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