The Rig Out Magazine Issue #3

September 29, 2010 |

Here's a fresh look to the 3rd/newest issue of The Rig Out magazine, something that I've been looking forward after receiving the preview shot taken by Antony Crook. Equipped with exciting and interesting topics, the oh-so-fresh issue sees the documentation of the Norwegian wilderness with record-breaking cyclist, James Bowthorpe. Also, there is the heavy Italian influence, The Paninari' of Milano '84 "setting the precedent style-wise and Oi Polloi filling in the blanks, bringing things up to date in their own unique way." Readers will expect an improved version of the magazine as it is equipped with more pages, better binding, and with nicer paper stock.

Stockists of the magazine would include Oi Polloi, Cinch and the other LevisXX stores in Paris, Milan and Tokyo. The Engineered Garments / Nepenthes store in New York, the WP Lavori stores in Florence and Milan, and online at Secret Forts and A Continuous Lean.

See more of the magazine after the click.

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