Artsy Party: Illustrations by Richard Haines

November 10, 2010 |

Richard Haines’ works have impressed me even before I have thought of adding this art appreciation feature on site. It’s always been exciting to visit his blog and see new set of illustrations of people who inspires him or maybe newly commissioned projects tied with several noted brands. New York for him is an endless runway, a parade of creative and beautiful people who shows off their sartorial cleverness to the unknown audiences. As a result, this triggers Richard Haines’ illustrative talent and gives an artistic sketch of them - the New Yorkers.

Working closely with the best fashion brands in the business, Richard Haines was taught of looking at fabric, shape and color. His illustrations, done with the use of either charcoal pencils, acrylic paints, water based crayons or colored pencils, are a product of combined knowledge and passion in recording the ever-changing and street strutted style of the dapper guys in town.

More sketches by Richard Haines after the click.

(Click to Enlarge Photos)


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