Introducing ONE of a TEE

June 2, 2011 |

Uniqueness sets us apart from other people around. It dictates our authenticity and graces us as a person depending on how well we handle it. For fashion/clothing, some wouldn’t wear clothes that are of the same style with others. Mostly, these people would get a piece of clothing from far places just to assure themselves that they wouldn’t end up seeing the same clothing to others.

One shirting label that’s opting to promote uniqueness over their designs is Sweden’s ONE of a TEE. Their online database assures you that the shirt you get from them is the only piece in the place you live in. Remember, uniqueness is their concern and it all depends on how you handle their tees.

ONE of a TEE updates their collection with five new tees every six weeks. The styles of the shirts are different but all of which comes from the same design theme. Check their “5 Sneaker Lacing” collection below.


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