To those who haven’t heard of Six Scents yet, this is collaborative and highly unique project where periodically six carefully selected fashion designers and prominent artists are paired with a renowned Givaudan perfumer for each series to create a unique scent based on the explorative theme of memory. The series would eventually result not just six fragrances but would also include several artistic projects in the form of six stories, six films, six art pieces and six photographic works. Noted designers like Rad Hourani, Damir Doma, Phillip Lim, Junn J, Henry Holland and Ohne Titel have been part of the Six Scents collaborative projects.

Just recently, Six Scents have presented “Longing for Contact”; a six-part digital collage series rendered by the highly respected haute couture florist Azuma Makato. “Azuma, who has previously worked with designers from Issey Miyake to Martin Margiela has been published in the New York Times and Vogue Nippon and celebrate for his experimentation with the Japanese craft of ikebana and spatial relations.”

Series Two is currently available at over 200 shops worldwide at a retail price of $95USD.

Check out the complete collage series after the click.


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