T-post & Monster Engine T-shirt

July 21, 2011 |

Here's an interesting story.

T-post the world's first wearable magazine hires 4-year old artist and his comic book illustrator dad for Gulf oil spill interpretation.

Aiden DeVries is the 4-year old son of Dave DeVries, an award-winning illustrator and creator of the book, The Monster Engine. If you've ever wondered what a child's drawing would look like if painted by a professional illustrator, you're about to find out. For more information on The Monster Engine, please visit http://www.themonsterengine.com

T-post works a lot like a magazine subscription. Every five weeks, subscribers from over 50 countries receive a new issue/t-shirt in the mail. The offbeat news story is printed on the inside back of the shirt. And a graphic artist's interpretation of that news story is printed on the front. For subscribers, the comment "Nice shirt" now becomes an invitation to tell the story behind the design and create dialogue about an interesting world event.

Check out the video above!


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