Raf Simons is curating an event in collaboration with Mecedes-Benz titled “Transmission 1” and Hero Magazine recently had a good quick chat with the Belgian designer himself. This event is a 3 day multi-disciplinary festival which takes place in Berlin from 15th of July till 17th. Invited guests are people coming in from various different creative fields which include artists Peter Saville and Peter De Potter; writer, editor and creative director Jo-Ann Furniss, Industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, and choreographer Michael Clark, just to name a few.

"For me, Transmission 1 is a very exciting project as it's unexpected and not so logical," Raf pinpoints. "Maybe it's not what people would want me to do and it's what they can criticise – and that's why I find it interesting. It's almost more interesting at this stage [of my career] to do something like this than to curate some major art show for a respected museum. This is more challenging. And it's supposed to entertain people.

Click here to read the full interview of Raf Simons by Hero Magazine.



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