Summer essentials for men

April 27, 2009 |

TheSouthSider picks some essential items you might need this summer.

1. Stylish Shorts: Definitely a must this summer to upkeep with the blazing heat. Get your pair of shorts to frame up your knee and pair up with some light cotton shirts and you're good to go.

Shirt Shorts by Phenomenon

2. Polo Shirts: Grab some polo shirts and be versatile. Pair this with some light colored pants or some relaxed jeans and you can fit in to some unexpected soirees or maybe walk alongside windy seashores.

Polo Shirts by Beams x Fred Perry

3. Boat Shoes: Get yourself some boat shoes and look vibrant by picking out colors which you can enjoy this sunny season. Pair with Khaki shorts or dark pants.

Dockside Boat Shoes by Sebago x La MJC

4. Leather Belt: Tighten up with leather braided belt in adjustable silver or gold antique buckles and be contrasting to some vibrant colors.

Leather Braided Belt by A.P.C.

5. Duffel Bag: Travel light and avoid excess baggages by using some duffel bags. In this way, you can bring some good stuff from your recent trip plus no hassle while you're enjoy the perfect paradise.

Duffel Bag by McQ Alexander Mcqueen

6. Light Framed Sunglasses: Look fresh and clean by wearing some simple designed sunglasses with gradient lenses.

Black Tie Sunglasses by Dior Homme

7. Hunting Cap: Prevent yourself from the heat of sun by wearing some stylish caps. Choose the appropriate color and style in connection with your outfit and look stunning if you pull it off.

Hunting Cap by Deluxe

8. Light Jeans: Change those dark colored jeans for this season and add some fusion by choosing those relaxed jeans with shocking colors behind.

Denim by DURKL

9. Washed-Cotton Shirt: Your perfect partner this season in dealing with the heat. Choose light colored cotton shirts because we all want to be fresh and comfortable this warm season.

Cotton Shirt by J.Crew

10. Sneakers: If you choose the indoors this summer, then grab some sneakers which has cool colors but not too flashy. Always prioritize comfort, function and design in choosing your footwear.

Leather Tennis Sneakers by Lanvin

11. H20: What could be the best way to ease out the intense heat rather than drinking water! Always hydrate yourself with the best water you could possibly purchase.

H20 by Evian x Jean Paul Gaultier


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